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According to research, the average electricity bill in a United States household is $114.44 per month. Even worse, these figures are expected to rise further.

Aware of these escalating costs, many households are looking for alternative ways to change their electricity consumption, leading them to consider solar energy.

The value of installing solar energy cannot be overstated. Solar is a clean, sustainable, and unlimited energy source that you can leverage to power your home and everything in it.

Innovate Solar is a reputable solar panel installation company. For years, we have worked in bringing homes and businesses into the age of solar energy. We do this by finding professional contractors in your area and ensuring they install solar by following our high-quality standards.

How Our Solar Marketplace Works

We have pioneered a process of going solar online that benefits solar customers, partners, and the entire marketplace by democratizing access to solar energy through a regulated decentralized platform

Solar Paneling for Home

How customers benefit
Customers are able to purchase RV solar panels for less, while shopping with confidence. Innovate Solar provides the highest standards of quality, reliability, design, and streamlined, easy, process that help you find the best solar energy companies in your area. Use our calculator for solar panels to get an estimation of solar panel installation for your home.
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Solar Energy for Home

Solar Energy for Business

Commercial solar energy
Did you know that Businesses can save up to 45% off the solar system cost in tax incentives alone?
Solar for Business
Solar Energy for Business

What are the benefits of installing solar panels for your house?

There is a multitude of benefits to investing in solar panels for a house or home.
Let's delve into specifics.

Cut down on utility bills

Utility bills can accumulate fast, and investing in solar power for the home can significantly slow those down, if not completely offset them.
Our residential installations are affordable, and the perks of residential solar panels are undeniable. Wonder how much you might spend n solar power system? Check the benefits of going solar in Florida and get an estimate now.

Boosts your home's value

Homebuyers are often on the lookout for elements that enhance their home. Solar-powered homes are efficient and cost-effective in the long run, which is a plus for prospective homeowners. As such, installing panels often increases a home’s value and decreases its time on the market.

Reliable power production

A cheap and easy way to ensure you have reliable power is by generating electricity with solar panels. Conventional power sources are unreliable and limited. Since the sun is the source of solar energy, you can depend on it much more consistently. By purchasing a solar energy system, you will no longer have to rent power from the grid, and you can have access to your solar power in your household 24/7.


Aesthetics is a factor that many homeowners consider when installing residential panels in their buildings. Solar panels are portable and will fit seamlessly with your roofing. Contractors can also install them however you deem fit, allowing your home to look more stylish. That is, of course, without mentioning how cool your neighbors will think you are.

How do solar panels work to produce electricity?

The basic working principle behind the functionality of solar panels is simple. There are photovoltaic cells in rooftop solar panels that convert sunlight into electric fields. Since these electric fields are direct currents, they are moved to an inverter, converted to alternating currents. It is after conversion that you get usable electricity with solar panels.

What factors contribute to residential solar panel system cost?

Several factors influence solar installation costs. They include:

  • - Installation type
  • - Home energy consumption
  • - The environment surrounding the panel
  • - Distance and positioning of your roof to the sunlight
  • - Size of the home.

Why Start Using Our Solar Solutions?

The customer acquisition and sales commission cost remained at 20+% for the last decade, while all other solar costs came down dramatically. It is time to put this cost back into the hands of the consumer to make solar more affordable.
These statistics shed light on one of the most serious pitfalls in the current solar energy industry. Commission sales are driving the cost of residential solar up and are preventing effective commoditization of the sector. Due to the nature of commission sales, the quality of customer interaction is often similar to the quality of interaction at a used car dealership. These interactions stagnate industry growth and reputation and even prevent many users from moving forward at all.
Here, at Innovate Solar, we strive to reduce the initial customer acquisition costs and attrition of prospects that get overwhelmed with the existing process. Now, end-users will be empowered to purchase more affordable solar panel arrays (or installations, or something besides panels-only) while solar panel solution companies will make their businesses more profitable.

Our Mission

Becoming a solar energy intelligence platform that allows local installers to compete with bigger brands. To master and streamline solar marketing, design, sales processes, and solar innovation, making it easy for homeowners to buy solar solutions online, and, as a result, deliver consistently high-quality installations. Learn more about why you should invest in solar energy.

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Planning a home solar electric system — what you need to know

After choosing your preferred solar panels, the installation process can begin. To install a solar system for powering home devices, some procedures must be followed, though. They include:

1. Determine the energy efficiency of the home:

The first thing to do is check the current energy efficiency of your home. If the efficiency is too low, an upgrade should be considered. Some options can help keep your energy dissipation in check. They include:

2. Weatherizing your home instead of depending on electricity for home heating and cooling.

3. Conducting a home energy audit.

4. Use of energy-efficient light bulbs.

5. Potential energy evaluation:

Since the energy required to power a house with solar differs from home to home, you should first perform a personal evaluation. Various tools can help you estimate solar power, but for accuracy’s sake, it is advised to further check in with professional kit installers. This allows you to know the required solar panel use in the home.

6. Explore other options:

You do not have to own rooftop solar panels. Ask your local installer for professional advice on other viable options.

7. Get an estimate of your solar electricity needs:

Knowing your home’s energy consumption is important. With this information, you can pick the most suitable solar panel for your household.

To ensure you get the right estimate, you can seek the help of a contractor.

8. Find licensed installers to do the job:

There are many solar energy companies in the USA. However, always go for licensed professionals to avoid unnecessary errors and subpar installation services.

9. Educate yourself on existing incentives:

Look out for solar financing options and cost-saving incentives. At Innovate Solar, we run a solar partner program that we would love you to be a part of.

10. Partner with your installer:

Provide necessary information to installers to ensure they perform their jobs faster. Also, do not hesitate to ask questions when uncertain, and learn how the billings and metering systems work.

Innovate Solar’s Roadmap

Our final goal is to become the singular solar intelligence platform that runs the global solar industry, and these are our steps:
AI-driven solar design
Peer-to-peer energy sales base
Complete monitoring register
The global price index of solar-related products and services
A standard in streamlined and scalable global solar deployment

Residential solar panel installation

As a reputable company, we have a smooth system that governs our “solar panels for a home” installation process.

  • - First, you request a free quote: After confirming that your home qualifies for an installation, we will visit you.
  • - Schedule a consultation: Our consultant will visit your home for a thorough evaluation and auditing. Following the results, we will send you a personalized quote.
  • - Schedule an installation date. We will proceed to fix an appointment tailored to your convenience and get to work.

Knowledge Base
Learn More About Solar Solutions

We’ve collected a wide range of solar-related specifications, solar panel quotes, guides, tips, and tools, such as solar part/service calculators to help you make the best installation decisions

Where can I install solar panels at my home?

There are several energy kits available for sale, including whole-house panel kits. After a thorough home evaluation, a contractor will choose a suitable kit for you. The types of power kits available include;

  • - Grid-tie (or Gird-Interactive) power system: This is a suitable option for people with existing electric utility services who want to cut their electric bill or generate clean power. It includes inverters, BoS, and panels.
  • - Grid-tie power system with battery backup: This is for people who need an uninterrupted power supply.
  • - Off-grid cabin power systems: Preferred for small homeowners, or rarely used buildings.
  • - Off-grid tiny house power system: For small houses. It includes a battery storage pack because tiny homes are mostly found in remote, low power supply regions.
  • - Off-grid power systems: These are for big-sized buildings that are not connected to the electric utility grid. They are constantly utilized and generate 100% electricity.

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