About us

About us

How We Started

The founders of Innovate Solar have been working in the solar industry since 2007, serving customers in all sectors, providing clean renewable energy for residential homes, businesses, schools, utilities, municipalities, and industrial clients.
Starting with installing solar modules with their own hands and later expanding into 4 states, they were able to identify areas of improvement that would make the solar experience better for all everyone.
About Us

Our Vision

Innovate solar is committed to full transparency, driven by purpose, and guided by a carefully curated process to assure the simplicity, fairness, and quality that every solar owner is entitled to.

Why Choose Solar Energy

Simplification and democratization of solar energy access through carefully crafted lead solar process cycle that cultivates a vibrant solar community and grows more robust with economies of scale:
  • Lower acquisition cost
  • Lower cost of entry
  • More customers join
  • Streamlined process
  • Higher quality
  • Better margins
  • More installers join
  • Cheaper materials
  • Cheaper financing
  • Accountability and trust
  • Stronger community
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Our Mission

We believe in promises kept, schedules followed, materials arriving undamaged and on time, solar systems that don’t fail due to installer errors, solar financing that is fair and non-predatory, and installers making a fair profit.
We believe science which has clearly shown the solar energy to be a real solution in mitigating pollution and climate change to leave the Earth a better place for our children.

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