Solar Installers

Get more customers and build more projects easier and faster with our solar energy partnership
Solar Installers

Become a solar energy partner and start getting more leads!

  • - Reach more clients.
  • - Find easier solutions.
  • - Complete installations faster.

  • Are you looking to start a solar business? We can improve how you design and scale it. First, we use strategic tools and reliable solutions that you can trust. Then, we bundle these into our solar dealer programs for showcasing our best professionals in the American energy marketplace.

How does the solar energy partner program work?

The innovative solar energy partnership is a network of experienced solar business investors who can diagnose and solve energy problems in homes and offices. Our solar energy partners program provides the clients you need and the solutions used to service them.

Why join our partnership network

Our network of solar partners places you at the forefront in the energy marketplace. As experienced go-betweens, we connect you directly to your consumer market by helping to reposition your brand as a premium solar energy installer in not just your area but the U.S. at large.

Innovate Solar is: Client-focused, Passionate and Trustworthy


We help you develop capacity and trader sustainability through our solar distributorship. Our goal is to make sure you have:

  • - No extra payment for genuine inquiries
  • - No commission systems
  • - Educated and cooperative customers
  • - Prioritized customer service
  • - Clients for effectively starting a solar panel business
  • - Standardized and affordable project materials
  • - Guaranteed shipping quality on resources
  • - PV maintenance scheduled effectively
  • - Premium training packages and marketing solutions.


We all do this because we want to. Our solar energy partners are the backbone of our business. As such, we invest in our relationship with them, as well as other stakeholders, and solar enthusiasts.

Our investment will help you:

  • - Join a network of others in becoming a solar installer
  • - Compete with big brands through premium membership
  • - Consolidate using a network of American solar partners
  • - Simplify alternative energy contracting through one easily accessible channel
  • - Support eco-friendliness through solar power systems for houses
  • - Join the ‘Global Go Green’ national community
  • - Enjoy financial sustainability
  • - Increase your knowledge about solar work
  • - Develop core values associated with international business standards.


We are transparency-driven in the work that we do. We demonstrate this by making sure:

  • - You enjoy cheaper and affordable installation resources
  • - There’s value for every dollar spent with us
  • - You are introduced to solar investment programs that work
  • - You are aware of all opportunities to thrive in the energy market
  • - You enjoy affordable advertising and solar distributorship plans
  • - We engage in a feedback process to improve our trader support systems
  • - You can access our free knowledge base on growing in solar technology
  • - The economy of scale works well and against competing, bigger brands
  • - There is always healthy competition for everyone.

What can we offer?

Are your values aligned with our core values and approaches to solar work?
Innovate Solar is:
  • Process driven
  • Purpose driven
  • Transparency driven

Process driven

Our goal is to eliminate the following bottlenecks that cost solar panels businesses thousands on every project:
  • Overpaying for leads
  • Stop paying sales commissions
  • Uneducated, remorseful customers
  • Scheduling issues
  • Overpaying for materials and poor shipping quality
  • Lack of follow-up with qualified leads
  • Lack of follow-up with qualified leads
Are your values aligned with our core values and approaches to business?
Become an installation partner
Become an installation partner


We all do this because we want to, not because we have to. We love solar energy and our solar energy partners. Collectively, we can make a meaningful difference in the world without consolidating the industry:
  • Compete with big brands
  • Sell more innovative solar energy (helping the environment)
  • Celebrate the individuality and individual strengths of each installer out there, and help them become stronger where they need it the most
  • Make more money per project and be financially sustainable
  • Make solar contracting easy and fun
  • Share a sense of cheerful urgency
Are your values aligned with our core values and approaches to working?
Become an installation partner
Become an installation partner

Transparency driven

You get more for every dollar spent:
  • The more installers join, the better things get for everyone (not the other way around)
  • Cheaper materials
  • Cheaper marketing and solar distributorship
  • The economy of scale that works FOR you, and not a huge company that is your competitor
  • Solar investment programs
Are your values aligned with our core values and approaches to working?
Become an installation partner
Become an installation partner

Benefits for your solar business

in addition to improving your brand recognition
Sell your solar projects online
Focus on installing and make higher margins. Interested solar panels buyers can send a request right to you within our platform.
Streamlined sales process
You don’t need to lead your potential clients through a long and expensive sales funnel, nurturing the cold leads. Instead, furthermore, execute your contract through our platform automatically and let your customers calculate the cost to install a solar system on our platfrom.
No upfront payments
We charge nothing upfront and only get paid when you get paid. Only pay for real results when deals are closed.
No additional costs
No need to pay for marketing, leads, expensive sales commissions, or engineers, and other costs. You get all these and technical support in one place.
Free access to an exclusive toolkit
Get access to specialized tools for your business that will help you optimize workflows, execute projects faster, and manage deals more efficiently. Get access to cheaper materials by buying together with hundreds of other installers.
Access to top tier solar finance
Through our financial partners, we offer our installers exclusive access to solar consumer financing, Lease, and PPA funding. Join the American solar partners with Innovate Solar!

What else do you get?

We improve the way your brand engages as a solar trader.

e-Business platform for energy contracts

Zone in on becoming a solar installer to increase your business. In addition, we will automate your response mechanisms when interested clients contact your PV business on our innovative solar energy database.

Strategic solar trader channels

Guide prospective clients via an organized sales trajectory to avoid business bottlenecks and mitigate the mismanagement of leads. You can fulfill your contracts through our system and leverage technology to allow the clients to calculate their own cost to install a solar system, saving you time and money.

$0 upfront payment

Forget about advance fees. We earn when you’ve earned. Furthermore, we make sure any payments you make to us are for actual deals from executed business relationships.

Zero hidden fees

You don’t fund any advertising, sales leads, trader commissions, high-priced technicians, network support, or other costs. Innovate Solar provides all additional services to your business at no extra cost.

Free exclusive toolkit

Get access to specialized tools for your solar business. We help you optimize workflows, execute projects faster, and manage deals more efficiently. You can also take advantage of membership discounts when making purchases together with solar system companies.

Multiple options for financing

With the support of our credit investors, all of our solar energy partners have exclusive access to purchase loans, leases, and PPAs. Join a premium network of solar distributorship with Innovate Solar!

An Exclusive Toolkit For Installation Companies

As part of our platform’s value add, we offer the use of solar energy businesses use of our free of charge competitive and streamlined tools and apps
  • Sustainable business growth
  • Free basic membership and listing
  • Discounted solar modules, inverters, and racking
  • CRM and Project Management under one roof
  • Competitive advantage volume and margin gains
  • Smarter and faster design tools
  • Access to low-cost financing and solar leasing
  • Substantial reduction in customer acquisition cost
  • Streamlined process and resulting overhead reduction
  • Low-Cost, $0 upfront Customer Referrals
  • Simple scheduling and project management Tools
  • Continuous professional education and growth
Overpaying for leads

What are the benefits of our toolkit?

The Exclusive Toolkit For Solar Installation Companies

To add value to our solar energy partnership, we offer free access to streamlined tools and unrestricted use of our competitive apps. We do this to ensure you experience:

  • - Scalability with your workflow
  • - Basic membership and service listing
  • - Discounted PV solar panels and related installation tools
  • - Customer relationship management tools
  • - Guaranteed savings through a bulk buying channel
  • - More intelligent and swift work tools
  • - The best PPA and lease option for solar financing
  • - Radically decreased client acquisition costs
  • - Organized sales trajectory reducing operating costs
  • - Zero payment (before or after) in lieu of referrals
  • - Free project management and service organization resources
  • - Regular training programs to improve development

How To Become Our Installation Partner

Step-by-step instruction on how to start a solar business and for installers who want to join our platform
Get a free business listing — showcase your business with us
Submit the Innovate Solar Partner application to qualify to receive referrals
Requirements for our solar dealer programs
Excellent installation track record
Required documentation such as licensing and insurance
Excellent ratings and reviews

Becoming our installation partner

Want to join our team of solar installer partners?

Here are point-by-point instructions for starting a solar panel business and becoming a solar installer with us.

  1. 1. Create a free business listing with us - showcase your brand!
  2. 2. Complete our solar energy partners’ application form - and get business referrals
  3. 3. Accept the requirements for our solar dealer programs - and enjoy premium membership.
  4. 4. Amazing installation review opportunities
  5. 5. Optimizing the standards via visible licensing and insurance documentation
  6. 6. Impressive client feedback and service ratings.

Knowledge Base

We’ve collected a whole range of solar-related materials, guides, tips, and tools, such as a solar power calculator to help you make the best solar energy decisions

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