Canadian Solar HiDM
The HiDM from Canadian Solar is the Toyota Camry of solar panels - not necessarily showy, but will get the job done well and last a very long time doing it. Canadian Solar, a long-standing industry standout, has been producing solar system equipment for 20 years. From panels to inverters and even battery banks, Canadian solar knows the business like few others.
Canadian Solar HiDM
Power Output - PMAX (Wp)320325330335340345
Maximum Power Voltage - VMPP (V)36.236.637.037.437.838.2
Maximum Power Current - IMPP (A)8.858.888.928.969.009.04
Open Circuit Voltage - VOC (V)
Short Circuit Current - ISC (A)9.609.649.689.729.769.80
Panel Efficiency (%)19.019.319.619.920.220.5