REC Alpha
The most powerful *standard* panel REC has to offer, Alpha ranges from 360 - 400 Watts, and has an efficiency rating exceeding 20%. REC Solar is a Singapore-based advanced solar manufacturer, headquartered in Norway. Our partners have been installing REC panels for over a decade. REC has repeatedly proven itself as one of the leading high-efficiency solar manufacturers.
REC Alpha
Power Output - PMAX (Wp)360365370375380
Watt Class Sorting - (W)-0/+5-0/+5-0/+5-0/+5-0/+5
Nominal Power Voltage - VMPP (V)36.737.137.437.838.1
Nominal Power Current - IMPP (A)+9.829.859.99.949.98
Open Circuit Voltage - VOC (V)43.94444.144.244.3
Short Circuit Current - ISC (A)10.4910.5210.5510.5810.61
Power Density (W/sq ft)19.119.419.719.920.2
Panel Efficiency (%)20.620.921.221.421.7