REC N-Peak 2
REC Solar is a Singapore-based advanced solar manufacturer, headquartered in Norway. Our partners have been installing REC panels for over a decade. REC has repeatedly proven itself as one of the leading high-efficiency solar manufacturers. With a more traditional black panel look, REC N-Peak 2 ranges from 360 - 390 Watts, and has an efficiency rating exceeding 20%.
REC N-Peak 2
Power Output - PMAX (Wp)355360365370375
Watt Class Sorting - (W)-0/+5-0/+5-0/+5-0/+5-0/+5
Nominal Power Voltage - VMPP (V)33.533.934.234.735.0
Nominal Power Current - IMPP (A)+10.6010.6210.6510.6810.72
Open Circuit Voltage - VOC (V)40.740.840.941.141.3
Short Circuit Current - ISC (A)11.2711.3111.3611.4111.46
Power Density (W/sq ft)18.018.318.518.819.0
Panel Efficiency (%)19.419.720.020.320.5