Should I Wait Until Solar Technology Gets Better?

Nov 13 2021
Should I Wait Until Solar Technology Gets Better?

The level of technology available in the market and the accompanying solar house costs are the main factors many people consider before deciding whether to go solar or not. The emerging overall question is – should I get PV equipment now or wait?

The renewable energy market is expanding remarkably year on year, and yes, the technology is getting better. But these changes will also be there, and new technologies will always emerge. This means that waiting might turn out to be a default setting in and of itself, instead of being transitory!

If you are a homeowner looking for solar panels to run a house but have no idea where to begin, you can easily find yourself down a long rabbit hole of information overload. Innovate Solar connects homeowners with multiple renewable sun energy companies across the United States. 

What are the main benefits of residential solar power systems?

If you are wondering – should I buy solar panels now or wait? Is it worth it? Your answers examine the main benefits you will get when you put PV panels on a house.

1. Minimal costs for energy production

Apart from the initial costs of installing the PV system, the subsequent costs for energy production are minimal. Once you go solar, you will save on energy costs for as long as those panels live, which will allow you to save more or divert resources to other issues in your home.

The PV unit costs over time will reduce once the installation fee is covered. The subsequent costs will be in the routine maintenance of the solar energy system. 

In the case of a lease, the homeowner will incur continuous costs within a period, which might change the spread of costs incurred compared to an owned solar home system. With a solar power estimate calculator, you can calculate how much energy you could save and how much it would cost to install PV systems in your home. 

2. Enhanced home value

Many people in the modern community see sun energy units as an upgrade, like a finished basement or a renovated kitchen. This means that buying a house with an installed home system will increase its value.

3. Going Solar is Eco-Friendly

As the clamor to do something about global warming gains momentum, renewable energy has become one of the most effective ways to cut the carbon footprints of individual residential homes. 

Each kilowatt (kWh) that your solar home system generates substantially reduces the emissions of greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and sulfur oxides. 

4. Solar can work everywhere

In the US, the potential for solar energy is massive. With just a single hour of noontime, the summer sun is equivalent to the electricity demand in the US annually. With massive resources across the country, home systems can be installed in most states. It is becoming increasingly obvious that installing photovoltaic (PV) systems will give you the benefits right now as opposed to going solar one year later. 

Will solar technology stay the same in 3-5 years?

Renewable technology is unlikely to stay the same in between 3 and 5 years. The current projections indicate that innovation and creativity are the driving forces behind the renewable energy sector globally.

Should I buy solar panels now or wait?

If you are wondering "Should I buy solar panels now or wait?” the answer is, grow together with technology.

Massive efforts are being made into developing transparent PV units and sun energy systems with style to be used in people’s living rooms, an effective and portable photovoltaic storage system, and the emergence of lightweight, flexible PV systems designed for indoor use.

This means that your home system will need to be continually updated to improve your power system efficiency and effectiveness and drive optimal benefits. 

What is the panel cost trend? Will they get cheaper?

The PV unit cost trend shows that more investors and stakeholders are getting involved in the renewable energy sector in general and specifically in renewable systems. 

As more investments are made and demand increases in the market, the economies of scale show that sun energy equipment will get cheaper.  People can now easily get quotes for solar energy and find the perfect fit for their houses and businesses alike.

The PV unit pricing trend will make it easier, on an average cost, for families to afford to install renewable energy systems. 

With Innovate Solar, finding the correct installation cost for solar panels in Florida has become more easy and straightforward for most homeowners and businesses. 

To start enjoying solar panel membership, all you need to do is register with us online, and after regulatory vetting, we begin to pair you up with the right leads.

What about renewable energy incentives and tax credits?

The federal and local governments in the US have adopted a multi-faceted approach to incentivize and promote the use of power in residential homes. Tax credits and rebates have encouraged individuals to purchase homes with power systems.

On the other hand, the government is using incentives to encourage companies to invest in research, innovation and cultivate creativity to ensure that solar energy equipment and power are feasible and available in the market. 

Still, they are also preferable because of cost and effectiveness, and efficiency. 

These efforts are designed to lead to a price drop in the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining systems.

4 reasons you should go solar in 2022

Why should I go solar now? People ask this crucial question as they explore the best way to adopt a renewable and sustainable approach or weigh the options to choose the cheapest solar system. 

Here are the four main reasons it does make sense to adopt renewable systems:

1. Leverage the existing tax rebates and credits before they are revised downwards or exposed. The current Federal Tax Credit is at a whopping 26% and is likely to shrink to 22% in 2023.

2. Bolster the value of your home with the installation of a robust power system. Trends and patterns in the housing sector show that buyers consistently pay more for residential houses or homes with solar energy equipment installed.

3. Save on energy bills with the installation and subsequent use of power.

4. Climate change is a pressing and immediate problem that needs to be addressed; going renewable now helps you contribute to curbing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Installing solar panels now or waiting 1 more year

Installing solar panels now or waiting 1 more year, the decision might not be so hard to make.

Final word: should you install solar panels now or wait?

On whether you should get PV systems now or wait, now is the best option. 

The nature of technology and innovation means that there will always be changes. 

The benefits of going renewable now far outweigh the gains you will make by waiting for the next generation of solar energy systems.

Most of the developed technologies can be incorporated into existing sustainable power systems anyway, so there is not much of an upside for waiting, while there are loads of benefits for going solar now!

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