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Florida, home to 21.5 million people, has certainly earned the nickname the sunshine state. 

Florida’s subtropical climate, maintaining warm temperatures all year round, makes it perfect for the use of solar energy.

With the increasing number of solar companies, finding ideal Florida solar installers can be rather difficult. 

At Innovate Solar, we connect you to the best solar companies in Florida. Our reviews are based on customer satisfaction — in this article, we compile a list of the best solar companies by city according to reviews. We also share additional useful information to help you find the perfect solar company in Florida.

When choosing an installer of solar panels in Florida, you need to look at;

  • Credentials — The solar installers should be MCS accredited. Additionally, they can have REAL (Renewable Energy Assurance Limited) or the Solar Trade Association (STA).

  • Reviews — What have previous customers said about the installation? Reviews will shed more light on what you want to know. 

Produce energy from sunlight
Less CO² in the atmosphere
Saving with solar power
Saving with solar power
  • Purchase
  • Loan
savings over 30 years of solar panels
  • $55,584
  • $3,621
    Electricity Cost
The inflation rate of 3.5% is used for the calculations. Savings are based on the average amount of electricity a 8.95 kW system can produce and the average price of electricity in your state over 30 years
savings over 30 years of solar panels
  • $31,131
  • $119/mo
    Solar payment
  • $3,621
    Electricity Cost
The inflation rate of 3.5% is used for the calculations. Savings are based on the average amount of electricity a 8.95 kW system can produce and the average price of electricity in your state over 30 years
25 year warranty, 30 year usefull life
Our solar energy photovoltaic (PV) systems utilize industry-leading components and are backed by a 25-year solar panel power warranty.
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25 year warranty, 30 year usefull life

3 steps to installing solar panels

3 steps to installing solar panels
Estimate your solar panel costs and calculate your benefit from installing solar panels
You will be able to determine the capacity, the number of panels, their cost along with installation including the Federal Investment Tax Credit.
Understanding the Federal Tax Credit
Federal Tax Credit is provided in the amount of 26% of the total solar system cost and is taken against the tax liability during the next tax filing. Those who don’t pay federal income taxes are generally unable to use the credit.
Installation and connection
Take care of everything from permits to installation. After you place your order, a qualified installer gathers remote aerial photos of your home, designs your system, takes care of any permits needed, and schedules your installation. An on-site verification will take place prior to the beginning of the installation. After installation, a qualified installer schedules a city inspection and works with your utility company to commission the system.

Knowledge Base
Learn More About Solar Solutions

We’ve collected a wide range of solar-related specifications, solar panel quotes, guides, tips, and tools, such as solar part/service calculators to help you make the best installation decisions
  • Pricing
  • Learn more
  • Solar panel guide
  • What`s next?
  • Price transparency is a major issue in the solar industry. When solar customers don't know in advance what the approximate cost for solar power is, it results in dissatisfaction in the sales process.
    We remove sales commissions and gimmicks and work together with our clients to achieve the best price and highest quality possible. Not only do we provide the customized quote, but we also put the example price front and center. We are very proud of the value that we can build together with you.
    Price changes
    Sometimes, there may be changes to the pricing despite our best efforts to create an accurate quote. You will never be charged more than you agreed to and any changes will be discussed prior to signing the agreement. Our calculator, nevertheless, provides one of the most accurate estimations of cost for solar energy in the industry.
  • 1. Consultation
    Interested in solar electricity for home but aren’t sure if it’s for you? No problem! Meet with one of our local solar experts at PPM to find out how clean energy can benefit your home or business. We will create a custom package for your specific energy needs by calculating solar power potential use considering the angle of placing solar panels, place of installation, house kWh energy spendings, etc.
    2. Site Survey
    At this stage you have signed a contract for your solar system - congrats! During the site survey, we check out your property and confirm what our solar energy sales experts have proposed for your system is, in fact, the best possible solution. Our team is very good at what they do and have been selling solar systems for homeowners for over 10 years, but our site survey technicians are specifically trained to evaluate sunlight readings and roof conditions.
    3. Design
    Now we create. We take the data we collected from the site survey, your utility bill, and your personal aesthetic to design the perfect solar system for your home. Our engineers use top-of-the-line software and tools to design the optimal solution.
    4. Permits
    Deep breath. We take care of this too! All of the electrical and building permits required from your city, we have it all under control.
    5. Installation
    This is where your sleek solar panels are delivered and installed by our crew members. We coordinate in advance with you to schedule all install dates to ensure your daily operations are not interrupted.
    6. Inspection
    After we have created our masterpiece we need to get the green light from your city. We will meet with the inspector for a walkthrough of the solar system we have installed. Once the inspection has passed we can then interconnect your system to the grid - your grid! Don’t worry - we walk you through all of the steps on how to work and understand your system before leaving your home or business.
    7. Enjoy your savings
    Now this is where all of your hard work pays off - with the flip of a switch, you will be producing your own energy, saving money on your utility bill, and contributing to a greener lifestyle. Our solar system calculator will help you to understand how much you can save on solar energy daily, monthly, and yearly.
  • This is the REC Alpha; REC's latest family of trailblazing solar panels, empowering you to take full advantage of solar energy. With 380 Wp 60-cell power, reaching 450 Wp in a 72-cell format, and an impressive 217 W/m², REC Alpha delivers 20% more power than conventional solar panels, making it the solar panel of choice for home solar. How does REC do it and what does it mean for you?
  • Project Review
    Your installer will get in touch with you to review and verify your project. You will discuss the installation details like your house square, how much kWh you use a month, will use a calculator for solar panels angle to assure the best production throughout the year, etc.
    Your installer will send you an agreement for review and signature, and answer any questions you may have
    Scheduling and Installation
    Your installer will communicate the scheduling and completion plan for your installation, typically within 90 days from the time of contract or less.

How we choose solar energy contractors in Florida

It’s essential that customers looking to install solar receive the best service. For this, we have implemented a rigorous system when finding the right energy contractor for you.

It is important to us that consumers experience unmatched customer service and impeccable customer service. As such, we will first look at the legitimacy of the solar company. Online reviews also come in handy.

The technology various installers use is also very important. We make sure the installers listed on our platform use the most up-to-date technology that assures you of excellent service.

Additionally, we hold professionalism and quality of service with high esteem. Installers on our platform are professional and will handle all tasks as such. They not only offer installation services but also maintenance, and they do not subcontract their jobs. You can rest assured of your deserved quality of work.

How can our marketplace help you?

There are plenty of solar energy companies in Florida. SolarReviews has more than 300 solar companies with reviews on their profiles, which guide you to make an informed decision when picking the ideal solar installer 

Our blog will give you in-depth information on solar energy, including but not limited to solar prices, energy efficiency, solar battery storage, electric cars, and renewable energy. 

We help homeowners and solar panel shoppers find the best solar contractors. 

For solar panels brands, we give you;

  • Professional reviews

  • Information on warranty and specifications

  • Solar panel kits and installation prices.

For installation companies, looking for solar energy partnerships, we give you;

  • Contact information

  • Customer reviews

  • A variety of solar panels and their respective prices

What are the benefits of installing a residential solar system in Florida?

Environmentally friendly

Solar systems help the environment by using only pure, clean energy from the sun. Solar panels allow you to decrease the use of fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions unlike traditional methods of sourcing electricity, which are often an environmental hazard.

Solar energy in Florida also slows the production of water and air pollution. Natural gas plants and coal are dangerous and often result in these kinds of harmful pollution. With renewable energy suppliers, you can decrease environmental degradation. 

It's cost-effective

Did you know that just one person can use $3,052 worth of energy annually? If you install a home solar electric system, that money can go right back in your pocket.

Improves home's resale value

Another advantage is that it can enhance your home's resale value. If your home has solar, a buyer already understands that the worth is greater. For every installed kilowatt, the resale value of your home increases by an average of $5911. 

Guaranteed Performance

Many power companies in Florida offer warranties to ensure the durability of solar power systems for houses. Equipment warranty terms, including the solar panels, are typically 25 years.

Offers Net Metering

When your home produces excess residential solar power, you can receive credits from electric billing mechanisms, known as net metering. Essentially, it’s compensation from an electric company for producing more energy than you use. This allows you to use your utility as a “free battery” for your solar system. 

Solar programs such as FPL's (Florida Power and Light) net metering program give homeowners the chance to connect their solar power to the power grid. It compensates you at the retail rate and depending on the solar system size. 

Enjoy Rebates & Incentives

The promotion of solar energy innovation by the United States federal government ensures citizens enjoy various money-saving rebates and incentives. A consultant can help you find out which rebates and incentives apply to you.

It is a Reliable Source of energy.

Whether you live in West Palm Beach or Southwest Florida, solar remains a perfectly viable, if not superior option. You can eliminate the need for traditional sources of electricity.

Traditional sources of energy are unreliable. However, by installing panels, you will enjoy solar power in Florida all year round.

Easy Maintenance

You do not need high maintenance costs to get solar energy in Fl. Solar panels may take a few years before they need any maintenance. 

To avoid dirt accumulation and maintain efficiency, you should wash your panels or have a professional do it once per year or two.

How much can you save installing a solar system in Florida?

The average cost of a solar panel in Florida is $2.62/W. A Florida solar installation can cost you between $11,135 to $15,065 for a 5KW solar panel system. As such, $13,100 is Florida's average gross solar price. However, these prices are subject to change after leveraging tax credits and local incentives. 

The monthly average cost of electricity in Florida for every person is $104.50. With a solar system, you can reduce your power bills to $11 a month. 

What is the average daily solar output in Florida?

In April, solar panels can produce more than 5 kWh/m2/day (kilowatt-hours per square meter per day). The average levels for other months can be 3.73 kWh/m2/day in an area with low levels (WA).

The average Solar power Florida output Per Kw installed are;

  • 4.3 kWh for full-year coverage.

  • 4.36 kWh for summer in July.

  • 3.78 kWh for winter in January.

The average output for a 3Kw system;

  • 12.9 kWh for a full-year average.

  • 13.08 kWh for summer in July

  • 11.34 kWh for winter in January

Estimated Daily Solar Production | Per kW installed

You can use our solar panel calculator to easily estimate your solar power needs.

How much electricity can an average home solar system produce in Florida?

It is hard to know the exact electricity your solar panel system generates. But you can still estimate the production through the following calculations;

Solar Panel Output Per Day

  • Solar panel size(square meters) * 1000
  • Results * solar panel efficiency (decimal percentage)
  • The result * sunny hours you have each day
  • The result divide by 1000

For Example;

  • The panel is 2 square meters

o   2 * 1,000 = 2000

  •  The panel is 15% efficient

o   2000 * 0.15 = 300

  • Your residency gets 6 sun hours per day

o   300 * 6 = 1800

  • Result divide by 1000

o   1800/1000 = 1.8 kWh per day

To calculate the solar panel output per month, you multiply the figure with 30

o   1.8kWh * 30 = 54 kWh per month

Many residential solar installers install panels that produce an average of 250W and 400W every hour.     

Florida Solar Policies & Incentives

There are several solar policies and incentives that can help you reduce the solar panel cost in Florida. They include

  • Incentives/rebates

Miami-Dade County Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Finance Program- As a homeowner looking to install solar power, this program can help you financially. You must, however, be the legal owner. You will be given up to 10% of your home's value. 

  • Policies

Renewable Energy Easements and Rights Laws- Florida laws do not allow community associations to prohibit the installation of solar collectors on home rooftops. 

Net Metering – Net metering programs are a must for every customer. The law requires any electric cooperative, municipal, and investor-owned utility to provide this program to every solar energy user. The net metering program ensures you get compensation once you connect your solar power to the power grid.

  • Tax Credits

There are no tax credits because there is no state income tax in Florida.

  • Exemptions

Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemptions- Florida exempts the sales of some hardware and equipment required during the collection, transfer, storage, or conversion of solar energy. 

Property Tax Abatement for Renewable Energy Property- If your residential property uses solar power, you are exempt from 100% property tax. If your property is non-residential and uses solar energy, you are exempt from 80% property tax. 

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